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Lokasi perkuliahan strategis di daerah Jakarta Selatan yaitu Universitas Budi Luhur . Disinilah yang menampung banyak sekali kreasi-kreasi para mahasiswa/i yang mempunyai banyak bakat. Selain itu di Universitas Budi Luhur juga memiliki mahasiswa/i yang berprestasi, sehingga dapat menjunjung nama baik Universitas Budi Luhur.  Jadi, tempat Perguruan tinggi ini tidak hanya mendukung mahasiswa/i yang berbakat saja, tetapi juga berprestasi, sehingga Universitas Budi Luhur dijuluki sebagai universitas yang memiliki prestasi-prestasi yang gumilang.
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Kalau kamu bingung setelah selesai SMA dan ingin melanjutkan ke Perguruan Tinggi yang lokasinya nyaman, kami ada solusinya. Ini dia Perguruan Tinggi terbaik di daerah Jakarta Selatan, pastinya sudah banyak yang mengenalinya, yaitu Universitas Budi Luhur atau sering disebut dengan UBL. Tidak usah ragu atau khawatir dengan mutu UBL ini, mempunyai lokasi yang nyaman untuk belajar, serta meluluskan mahasiswa/i yang cerdas berbudi luhur seperti slogan yang ada di UBL ini. UBL ini menyediakan beberapa fasilitas untuk memajukan bakat para mahasiswa/i yang ingin menyalurkan bakatnya. Jadi, tidak usah ragu atau khawatir lagi untuk memilih Perguruan Tinggi yang aman lingkungan, pilih saja Universitas Budi Luhur yang terletak di daerah Jakarta Selatan tersebut. Untuk lebih meyakinkannya lagi silahkan saja berkunjung ke website Universitas Budi Luhur !!!

Friday, 22 March 2013

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Vegetarian laksa! The holy grail. You might think that vegetarian laksa is easy to come by, after all it's on a lot of menus at a lot of restaurants. But when you ask the burning question 'Is your vegetarian laksa made on vegetable stock?', you will usually be disappointed to find that most restaurants make their laksas solely on chicken or seafood stock.

When Makanan opened a few years ago, I asked that question with a heavy heart, assuming I'd get the usual answer. I couldn't get my order in fast enough when I was told that they'd be happy to make my vegetarian laksa on vegetable stock. And this laksa was the real deal. Rich, creamy, spicy, and full of delicious noodles. You'll be dying to finish the massive bowl, but you won't be able to.

After taking advantage of the vegetarian laksa on numerous occasions, I decided to try a few of the other dishes. My favourites are the gado-gado and the beans with chilli sauce.

Makanan is a family-run restaurant and all the staff are so lovely. The service is quick and friendly, the food is ridiculously cheap, and the atmosphere is enhanced by a hilarious Indonesian singer called Mono on electric keyboard one night a week.
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Sumatran cuisine, for example, often show the influence of the Middle East and India, such as the use of curry in a dish of meat and vegetables, while Javanese cuisine evolved from the native cooking techniques archipelago. Elements of Chinese culture can be observed in some Indonesian dishes. Dishes such as noodles, meatballs and spring rolls have absorbed the art of Indonesian cuisine.

Several types of dishes native to Indonesia also now be found in several countries in Asia. Popular Indonesian dishes such as satay, rendang and sambal is also popular in Malaysia and Singapore. Ingredients of soy-based foods such as tofu and tempeh variations, are also very popular. Tempe is considered as the original discovery of Java, local adaptation of fermented soybeans. Another type of fermented soy foods are oncom, similar to tempe but using different types of mushrooms, oncom very popular in West Java.

Indonesian food is generally eaten with cutlery spoon using a combination of the right hand and the fork in your left hand, though in many places (such as West Java and West Sumatra) are also commonly found to be eaten directly with bare hands.

At a certain restaurant or common household use hands to eat, such as seafood, traditional Sundanese and Padang restaurants, or shop tent pecel catfish and fried chicken typical of East Java. The place is usually also serves finger bowl, a bowl of tap water with a slice of lemon to give a fresh scent. A bowl of water should not be drunk, only used for washing hands before and after meals by using their bare hands.

Using chopsticks to eat prevalent in restaurants serving Chinese cuisine that has been adapted into Indonesian dishes such as noodles or chicken noodles with dumplings, fried noodles, and fried Shahe fen (fried flat noodles, char kway teow is similar).
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Indonesian cuisine is a reflection of the diverse cultures and traditions from archipelago comprising some 6,000 islands and holds an important place in the national culture of Indonesia in general, and almost all Indonesian cuisine rich with flavor comes from spices such as nutmeg, pepper, key retrieval, galangal , ginger, kencur, turmeric, coconut and palm sugar followed by the use of cooking techniques and ingredients according to indigenous traditions, there is also the influence of trade coming through such as India, China, Middle East, and Europe.

Basically there is not one singular "cuisine of Indonesia", but rather, the diversity of regional cuisine influenced locally by Indonesian culture and foreign influence. For example, rice is processed into white rice, a diamond or a rice cake (steamed rice) as a staple food for the majority of the population of Indonesia to the eastern However the more commonly used also corn, sago, cassava, and sweet potatoes. Shape the landscape of the presentation is generally presented in the form of mostly Indonesian food staple with side dishes of meat, fish or vegetable side dish.

Throughout its history, Indonesia has been involved in world trade due to its location and natural resources. Cooking techniques and authentic Indonesian food grown and subsequently influenced by the culinary arts of India, the Middle East, China, and eventually Europe. Spanish and Portuguese traders brought various foodstuffs from the Americas long before the Dutch managed to control Indonesia. Maluku Islands are eminent as the "Spice Islands", also donated herbs native to Indonesia to the world of culinary arts. Culinary arts eastern Indonesia region similar to the art of cooking Polynesia and Melanesia.
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His name is Oseng-Oseng Mercon. In order to see diction "fireworks" and "spicy", then we must immediately understand ... why is his name so Oseng-Oseng Mercon.
Come to the Jl Ahmad Dahlan, then you'll find a number of stalls selling Oseng Lesbian-Oseng Mercon. To go this way really easy, from the Malioboro straight to zero kilometer (next intersection Vredreburg Fortress), then turn right only. Well, that's the area of ​​Jl Ahmad Dahlan.
I chose Oseng-Oseng Mercon in front of SMA Muhammadiyah 5, on the same street. That shop owned by Mrs Narti lesehan. That said ya, existing recipe handed down since the 1940's. So what exactly Oseng-Oseng Mercon it? This is a cooking spice stir-stir usual, but it is dominated by thethelan, koyor ... when roaming as it uses the Java language, it is easy to let the so-called fat cow. Dominating others? of course, chili. For me, this dish actually tasted sedaaaaap .... marinade. If the Javanese say nglawuhi or friends who are very fit when paired with rice. But why exactly? So for me, that is not actually what is? yeah sorry, because I am not very spicy buff (sambal hell wrote okay, but not the sting), then I do not get to spend much. Quite a few tablespoons of course I've been flapping flapping white flag in surrender.
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Unique, cheap, simple but luxurious, traditional, and that's remarkable depiction of the Raminten. Raminten eating at home you will be satisfied with the price of comfort, amenities and masakananya. Raminten house itself is a cafe and dining, Raminten building itself still uses traditional Javanese building, accompanied by soothing music of Java hearts and minds that will increase your comfort while in Raminten and at casual dining options.

Unique dishes and a variety of cuisine from traditional to modern there Raminten, ranging from rice cat, rice with side dishes simple and dried anchovies sauce is very tasty damn cheap, the delicious sauce and dried anchovies will make you addicted to try again and again, more delicious with fried diitambah mendowan and bakwan, mendowan itself is fried tempe with flour, savory and mantab fit that picture. There are a variety of menus that may be unfamiliar and may make you wonder as Raminten these dishes at home, like, virgin ice milk, ice purworukmi, ice elephant nddekem, cunduk raminte koteka chicken, cheese crickets, satellite and many more menu unique and special that you can find here.
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For those of you who like to satisfy the stomach or culinary hobby, hobby anad slahkan treat to enjoy a culinary tour in Jogja. while cycling through the beautiful city of Yogyakarta you should not miss the place where the famous culinary and tervavorit in jogja. Starting from this famous culinary side of the road as well as the modern tour kulner Hypermall. Available culinary students begin classes, Â grade to grade people there all the rich people in Jogja, Jogja is special. Here's a list of names and addresses of the famous culinary attractions, cheap and d to jogja.Untuk memuahkan your search in selecting a culinary tourist attractions in Jogja following we sort alphabetically worthwhile and hopefully enjoy.
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Located about 10 meters from Mataram Mosque Kota Gede, shop established since 1957 providing an atmosphere and culinary tempoe doeloe make loyal patrons to keep snacks in here. Tata stall space is very typical. Stools and lincak, a large wooden table, vintage jars, paintings on the wall, java script in sablak hanging, as well as the ranks of bottles Sar Saparila the divider between the kitchen and dining make this feels very antique shop. Looking at the menu posted in the eastern stalls, time seems to stop. There is still clearly visible in the menu with the old spelling spelling-enhanced intervention price list using pennies. For example, ys Soklat (es brown) 1.5 cents. Ys itself read ice. Placement flat menu like that that make the menus in Sido Spring looks quirky.

The menus were not changed much. Still we can find a drink that became the mainstay of Sido Spring Mbok Mul, ice green bean. Ice which consists of a mixture of green beans, white sticky rice, coconut milk, topped with a brown sugar gives a special flavor. What is special about this green bean ice is ginger flavor that makes warm throat. There are also ice mix consisting of fruits and tape. Mixed ice is divided into two variants, iced fruit and iced chocolate. Fruit ice is a mixture of jackfruit, pineapple, camcau, fro, cendol, and tape added shaved ice topped with red syrup to make flavored ice was attached to the freshness of fruits. While ice chocolate, a little similar to iced fruit stuffing, but that makes it so distinctive is a tape that tickles the throat.

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Who does not know soto born? Soto Madura typically contain beef or beef offal such as tripe, intestines, lungs and liver with a thick sauce. Soto is also sweetened with pieces of boiled egg that makes the filling more wah. Soto is Eldest Monument Station carrying the privilege of the eldest soto Madura to Yogyakarta. Soto stall since being founded in 1968 by Mr (late) Marjuddin, now has several branches scattered throughout Yogyakarta. Stalls are located in the south parking area kiosk Monument Station is now one culinary icon in Yogyakarta and has always been a game for foodies.

Eldest Soto Tugu Station offers soup mix meat and meat offal soup. Meat and edible offal of the field is different soto soto soto-elsewhere. With twice the processing, the meat was tender, not fishy and the flavors mingle perfectly. Offal is so stuffing in soup mix odorless and soft delicacy with soup meat itself. Kuah sotonya dense and strong seasonings feels, makes this soup so delicious elder. Our tongues will be pampered with a warm sauce which was very tempting. With lime juice and chili sauce made ​​thin, the taste of this soup would be more enjoyable.

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At first I was confused by the nickname Pecel Baywatch carried by Mbah pecel Warno. Terlintaslah naughty imagination on the seller pecel figure wearing a bikini like Miss Pamela Anderson or at least stall is on the beach. It turned out all wrong. Here's the full story.

Grandma Warno stalls located in the Kasongan, precisely located on the road to Mount Sempu. Shop that has been established since 35 years ago is very simple. Nameplate warong it measures just 30 x 20 cm2 which will be overlooked if you do not really notice. Interior stalls filled with functional furniture and candid. There are only a few wooden tables and chairs and a bamboo cot. Behind the table where lay the merchandise, there is a kitchen that always contains some smoldering brazier. A position that is not intentional actually, because the kitchen in the concept of Java is usually located on the back. Grandma Warno put the kitchen in the front of the shop after the earthquake in May 2006 that ruined his house. "Do not have the money to build a new kitchen," he said.

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Fried Rice Beringharjo, can now be found in Jalan Mataram, third right fork in the left road leading to the historic market in Yogyakarta. Before the end of 2004, precisely before any cleaning of street vendors in the area, the fried rice that can be found at the T-junction towards the shopping area that is now reformed into Taman Pintar, Yogyakarta Cultural Park and the Center for Book Sales.

Fried rice is an appropriate one for the delicious taste and more people have recognized and known since the 1960's, when the salesman started his business. No need to wait longer if you want to taste it, because the seller usually cook fried rice directly in large numbers so that can be served in quick time. You can come from 18:00 am until around 23:00 pm if you want to taste it, and can choose to sit cross-legged or on a chair available.
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Lotek and gado-gado is often cited as a main dish salad Warung Indonesia Lotek Teteg. Warung is located a few meters east of the station is crowded Lempuyangan people when YogYES got there. The place is comfortable, quiet, and spacious. A place to enjoy a meal is divided into two, Lesbian and seating. Go inside, familiar atmosphere was immediate. A singer looks sang folk songs, creating a feeling of comforting. Not only lotek and gado-gado, a wide variety of juices and other beverages that we can enjoy here with prices ranging from Rp 2,000 - Rp 11,000.

Not long after YogYES ordered, the waiter brought over two plates and a hodgepodge lotek first impression when I saw lotek and a hodgepodge of course shocked and confused because there are so many portions. Next comes the question, Can YogYES spend it all? When a spoonful into your mouth lotek, peanut sauce immediately felt on the tongue. Perfect marinade seep between spinach and chickpea stew that became typical of lotek the field. Krupuknya kriuk-kriuk crisp, very fitting with peanut flavor. Even so with loteknya. Thick peanut sauce blends with the freshness of the vegetables contained in this Teteg hodgepodge. And finally, a large portion of it has been demolished.

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When entered into the stall Ning Bu we will immediately see three large mortar lined diameter of about 80 cm. In a large mortar-mortar that Mrs. Ning and employees make peanut sauce and blend hodgepodge lotek and customer orders. When lunch time arrived and began to busy customers arrive, it can be directly blended lotek 5-10 servings or gado-gado in the big mortar. However, although made ​​in large portions, do not worry you will lose its flavor.

Bu Ning or whose full name is indeed Sawijiningsih arguably one of the legends in the world and a hodgepodge lotek Jogja. He has pioneered the business since 1983 and until now still flooded stall culinary enthusiasts. It is part of the flavor lotek and gado-gadonya that are champions. Stew spinach, cabbage, bean sprouts, and other materials perfectly boiled. Finely pulverized peanut sauce mixed with vegetables favors adding lotek Bu Ning. So even with gado-gadonya. The freshness of the vegetables used for materials and a hodgepodge lotek Bu Ning is always awake.
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Gudeg Dry, Wet Gudeg and Gudeg Manggar

Probably for most people, gudeg is warm. But there are actually 3 different types gudeg; gudeg wet, dry gudeg and gudeg manggar. Gudeg wet nyemek coconut milk served with a tasty and much sought after for the breakfast menu. Gudeg this type can be found along Jalan Kaliurang Barek region, Gudeg City Limits (Jl. front Adisucipto Saphir Square) or mbok-mbok gudeg sellers in the traditional markets.
Gudeg dry cooked in a longer time until the liquid dries and the color is more brownish. It was also much sweeter. Gudeg this type can last up to 24 hours or even more if you put in the fridge so many people hunted as souvenirs. Usually sellers pack in cardboard boxes, baskets (boxes of woven bamboo) or kendil clay. Not to be confused where to find because most of the stalls gudeg like Gudeg @ Yu-Narni (+62 274 867231; Jl. Theater Army Student 102), Gudeg Yu Djum (+62274 515 968; Jl. Kaliurang Km 4.5 Coral tamarind CT III/22), gudeg Bu Ahmad (+62274 520 049; Jl. Kaliurang km 4.5), gudeg gudeg Bu Tjitro 1925 1925 (+62 274 564734; Jl. Janti 330), and the seller sells Wijilan gudeg in the by-by this special